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Offshore Dedicated Team of 100 QA Testers and Developers at 40% Lower Cost than in Israel


Our client is an Israeli high-tech company. They’ve grown into a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions (both software and hardware). Among their clients, there are over 500 mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises.


The enterprise provides a series of complex products.

Offering a one-size-fits-all solution to a large variety of customers is a failing approach. The reason is the customers’ needs are equal only for the basic functions of the products. While for the rest of the functions their requirements differ significantly. So it’s necessary to customize products for each customer individually.

As a result, the company faced a situation when it had a queue of orders for customization for years to come. It became evident that the in-house product development team would not be able to cope with the workload.

And regression testing turned out to be the most pressing problem. The goal of regression testing is to eliminate the possibility of a software failure after the introduction of a new feature. With a large product line, to which different features are constantly added, you cannot expect that products will work flawlessly without regression software testing.


Hiring and Extending a Team of QA engineers To Test Customized Products

The initial request from the Client was to create a dedicated team of 5-10 QA engineers adding a few developers at the next stage.

Belitsoft immediately started to recruit a team in our local market (Belarus, Europe), which is significantly cheaper in comparison with Israel. Besides, to stay competitive, the outsourced team members always keep up with the latest technologies and maintain the highest quality level of the performed work, which brings the maximum benefit to the Client.

The team was gathered step by step. 

The first hired QA automation engineers were all of a senior level because it was essential that they could quickly grasp the essence of the project and start to show results ASAP. 

Considering the tasks facing the team, the analysis showed that it’s not necessary to hire only senior-level specialists, since there are easier tasks for middle-level engineers. That allowed the client to save money.

The productivity of such a team has proved to be high at the cost cheaper than expected and the turnover lower than 5% for the last year of our cooperation.

Setting up Effective Collaboration of the In-House and Remote Dedicated Teams

At Belitsoft we not only know how to create strong teams but also can smartly build and manage the collaboration process to achieve great results fast.

Our primary task was to optimize the workflow by adding a remote workforce of the level corresponding to the top-skilled in-house specialists of the Client’s company.

To make the cooperation of the in-house and remote dedicated teams smooth and efficient, we performed a remote management consulting service

We started by assisting in searching and hiring the right specialists. Our team proactively participated in the communication and working processes with the purpose of setting a high employee retention level. 

And we’ve managed to succeed with 85% of the team working for over 2 years till the moment.

As a part of our consulting service, we also analyzed the actual communication processes between the Client’s teams, recommended our best practices, agreeing on how to implement them in the most effective way, and managed the process at every stage. 

To deploy this plan, we’ve offered tools and a scheme for regular communication and management between QA teams (Jira, regular reporting, daily update calls, etc). 

Also, we’ve rolled out a well-thought hierarchical structure of the teams, which is essential for high efficiency.

The entire process is absolutely transparent to the Client.

Based on this methodology, we’ve arranged a productive working process between teams that has been successfully working for the last 2 years.

Hiring and Extending a Team of Dedicated Developers To Customize Products

Having evaluated the professional approach and skilled employees of Belitsoft, the leaders of the enterprise entrusted the customization of their products to our team.

The product line was expanding and getting increasingly popular worldwide, leading to a very large workload of in-house developers. 

In the end, the timely development of products (Java, Python) became a bottleneck for our client. The in-house developers had to prioritize their tasks, often putting away large time-consuming ones.

The client needed dedicated developers of a certain level and expertise. We helped them add the right talents to the team to immediately increase productivity.

At first, dedicated developers integrated into existing products. They helped to finish writing a code and to rework a program.

After successfully working with several departments, the Client entrusted Belitsoft to write new projects with their in-house developers. For this, it was agreed with the Client to create micro-teams of 3-5 people. 

The team mainly consisted of remote developers. From the client's side, there was a person who helped with tasks, for example, a product owner. 

Thanks to such a team boost, developers now finish all the projects on time.

Thanks to our Client, the developers from Belitsoft have received the project expertise by doing everything from scratch. 

Setting up the 2-Week Onboarding Practice

Due to a specific knowledge domain, it could cost our Client from 2 to 4 months to put a new hire into the process and start to get the expected results.

Evaluating the large scope of work at the start of our cooperation, we realized the importance of effectively organized onboarding to reduce the time of integration of new hires to 2 weeks.

There are best practices for effective onboarding such as the application of the knowledge base, the project management tools (Jira), and source code management tools (GitHub). 

We created the knowledge base. Now there are the necessary documents for every team, and a mentor provided by Belitsoft. 

As a result, a new hire can get timely and valuable advice. And the onboarding of new employees now takes 2 weeks only.

The Final Structure the In-House & Dedicated Teams Use Till Today

The remote dedicated team by Belitsoft has a well-thought hierarchical structure: 

  • the head of the department; 
  • team leads (one for each team);
  • dedicated developers and QA engineers; 
  • representatives of the Client in each team. 

We helped our Client to build the correct hierarchical structure as well: 

  • the head of the department, who works together with ours, 
  • competent team leads have appeared in the company.

Our specialists have also fine-tuned the working process.

  1. The teams use Jira to create projects and assign tasks.
  2. The assignees accept tasks through Jira where the work log and progress are tracked.
  3. The tasks are divided into sprints (2-week terms).
  4. The PM / Scrum Master / Team lead is assigned to a project and responds for deeper communication within a team.
  5. Weekly reporting is performed.
  6. Short daily calls are usually arranged for a quick update.


Our team of 100 people have established effective workflow and let our Client save 40% on development and testing.

At the moment our companies continue the fruitful cooperation.

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